Hide Folders 2012 4.0 Build Final

Hide Folders 2001 is a great software with the old version is being released. This powerful software for protecting files and folders, including hidden and locked with restrictions put on them. By this software, users can easily access any number of files and folders that you want to keep others away. The software is also capable of hiding files and folders and put a password on them, such restrictions could prevent files from being deleted or just make readability. Capable of being read only (Read Only) file or folder to prevent it from being deleted while editing a file or folder that can be prevented. Software Formats NTFS, FAT32, exFAT and FAT support. To achieve the required software to save your password and other users can not be controlled by software. In the setting itself will remain in safe mode. The password will also need to uninstall the software. You can also set hotkeys to quickly perform tasks.

* Note: After installing the software again if you close the application. Task manager and then you enter the process. Hf.exe file to the end task. After this process, the contents of the crack folder copy and replace the installed software.

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Windows folders with Secure Folder v7.4

Secure Folder is a very compact and powerful computer software that can easily help them and to lock your personal files and folders and put a password on it. Secure Folder files will not be deleted, it is hidden from the eyes of children, colleagues and friends, and hides it against malware, viruses, and network threats protects. It's more than a Web site to download the software.

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