Internet Security Norton Internet Security 2013

 Internet Security Norton Internet Security 2013

Norton Internet security antivirus to create powerful, professional and sustainable security on your computer. Norton is very light, it is powerful and fast. These Symantec's antivirus was first published in 2001 and grow very fast due to its unique features and could not find a high position in the security software. The most important difference between Norton Antivirus and there is a very strong firewall Internet Security software which is visible in the virtual environment and the sense of security of Internet users to more sustainable can be provided. Optimize the system performance by using a feature called PC TuneUp provided to the user in addition to having a relatively heavy security package, the system is efficient, because of the reduced efficiency of the system is not closed but no reduction in speed and efficiency of the software system is evident.

 Facilities Software Norton Internet Security 2013:
- Complete protection system against malicious infiltrations.
- Ability to analyze and accurately scans the hard drive for malware.
- Automatic cleaning agents if they are malicious.
- To prevent the penetration of Internet viruses that are going to enter the system.
- The possibility of drawing the external memory such as flash memory virus.
- Ability to update the software introduced new software that bad.
- Having all the tools to protect the security of the system is complete and accurate.
- Optimized use of memory and processor speed for a computer system.
- Store passwords securely encrypted user password and other confidential information.
- Run Windows on a system infected with malware disables the boot.
- Having a strong firewall to prevent hackers and Trojan horses into the system.

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