Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. Cracked

Bitdefender Internet Security Security software product company in the world, online or offline GREEN is a bit strong. This software has all the necessary facilities for a security software and only a few of its older version is almost unnecessary Sub Total Security takes fewer resources. The software with firewall and security features for the online world with a strong antivirus capabilities, security will give you close to 100% increase. Features are described more fully in software.
Bitdefender Autopilot: The ability of the user to detect or remove any viruses involved in the disarmament and thus no need to spend time to identify and remove the virus will not be wasted will do and this fully automatic security decisions .
Bitdefender Safepay: These days the E-commerce has boomed, there has been a lot of risks. The online payment gateway in the opening pages, especially if you're protected when you pay with e cage put armed guards, and the hackers to the risk of theft will be zero.
Internet protection: the world of web is filled with websites trying to infect your computer with various exploits. By the performance of the application site, the illegal intrusion to be injured, will fight.
Safe Social Networking: Social networking sites are booming these days. In particular, the algorithm for the better part of a special bit of GREEN in your social networks are also supported.
Total Privacy: Privacy is very important. When you have the ability to send and receive email messages and Internet browsing history and will be protected.
USB Immunizer: transmission via usb flash memory is a big problem. In this connection, computer with usb memory will be monitored and will prevent the entry of any virus.
Active Virus Control: Control is by the windows all the time and all of the hidden files and applications are controlled in case of suspected and the virus to be eliminated.
Rescue Mode: If all types of viruses and malicious files may be deleted by the operating system. In Rescue Mode software will remove them completely.
Antispam: to fight spam
Two-way Firewall: Windows and port security layer of protection when working on the Internet and block unauthorized entry and protect the security of the user when connecting to the modem, and the wireless Y - Fi
Antiphising: preventing phishing attacks on the Internet
File Shredder: secure delete sensitive files that are going to destroy them if others are not recoverable by any means.
File Encryption: Lock your personal files
Scan Dispatcher: At some time the computer is left unused on this virus try to scan the computer files will be scanned.

Note: Due to the great difficulty of finding new ways to use unauthorized software antivirus downloads antivirus software cracking responsibility is not accepted. However, activation keys can be used in the file is located. 

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